Meet Shawna

I make OLD things NEW AGAIN!

I can see beyond the tossed out trash and items that others no longer want. I see a shelf, a picture frame, maybe even a candlestick that will grace someone’s favorite end table.

I love to give old items new life with fun painting techniques or new hardware. I make an ordinary window shutter into a beautiful coat rack for your hall entryway.

Each item is uniquely designed with a backend story. 

Shawna Mott is a creative designer. She upcycles items for your home that creates a unique and authentic custom look that you can’t find in local retailers. Her products are a one of a kind!

Behind the Scenes

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Banners Banners are pre-made but may be adjusted to how many panels needed. It will cost a $1 each letter to added. Or just purchase as is to add color to your home. Add you Read more…

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